Just a Hobby?

My blog posts are few and far between because writing is my hobby. While it is something I love to do it is not my first or even second job. I have a full-time job that pays the bills and I have two little girls that keep me very busy. I just launched my first book which means I am my own marketing manager, yeah I’m actually using my undergrad degree, so there is job number three. The second book just needs a final polish and should be released this summer. I want to have the third book off to the editor (yes, even though you found a few typos, I promise my book was edited) before the second is released.

The third and fourth are written, but I have to type them. You heard me, I’m old school pen and paper. Horrible I know in this day of age, but paper allows me to write anywhere, and I mean anywhere. For instance some of the third book was written in finance class eons ago which is probably why that was my only D EVER. Seriously though he gave us a test at 9:00 am on 9/11/01 what a douche. You try taking a test after watching two planes crash into the twin towers. And by the way we didn’t get safe zones or grief counselors or whatever nonsense there is now. Sorry back to my point.

My life is a hectic mess and writing still helps me survive the chaos. I love every minute of my messy life and wouldn’t trade any of it. I hope everyone who reads this blog and my books enjoys the results. I put pictures of books 3, 4, and 5 in their original state just to show how bad it really is. Book 5 is almost done in case you were wondering.

This is how my work starts out. The picture shows book 3 & 4 of the Chronicles of the Coranydas in their original draft. The spiral notebook is another book that is waiting to be completed.IMG_7155

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