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I published my second book two days ago. That’s right just two days ago. It was a whirlwind of typing, editing, re-writing, and more editing. All of which occurred while my house work was ignored and my children ran wild through the house. The manuscript was written four years ago by hand, but everything else still needed to be done. Ordinarily, I would not push so hard to get a book finished, however this was a special case. I wanted to enter Amazon UK’s Storyteller Competition. I made the deadline with a little time to spare thanks to hand written edits throughout the last several years.

For the last five weeks of this intense process though, I was lost in my own fictional world. Every night for hours on end I was transported back in time by a hundred years or more, depending on the story line. I was lost in a sea of ageless vampires at war with one another. And yes I got to be the heroine. The next day I would go to work and a random comment would inevitably make me think of my book in some way.

Before I started writing I read avidly. I absorbed stories and lived them for the days or weeks it took me to finish the book. I never stopped to think of the authors who wrote them. To me, my characters are living people. I could tell you much more about them than was ever written on the page. As an author I think we all become attached to our characters. I know I do. I still get teary over some of their deaths. (No spoilers I write several things at once.) I thought I would share this today to give the reader a little perspective that I never had. And please remember even if a death is essential for the plot, it does not necessarily mean the author wanted to do it.

Here are the links to my second book, For Their Sins    and

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