Meet Guest Author, R. Tran…

Special thanks to Chris for the guest post. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Thank you, Chris, for allowing me to be on your blog. I’m a new author and this is all new to me. I’m not very good talking about myself but here it goes.

I started dating my husband three months after my father died. It still makes me sad that they never got to meet. I was sixteen, my dad was just forty-six. I was a junior in high school and a mutual friend decided to play match maker. Cemohn told me he wanted to go to Junior Prom with me and told him the same was true of me. Both were outright lies. Up to this point we were friends. I should have been suspicious, it wasn’t the first time she tried to set me up. We both believed her and the date was set.

One date turned into a four year relationship before we were married. After graduating…

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