Leap of Faith

About a month ago I did something I never thought I’d have the courage to do. I sent my faith 1novel For Their Sins into a publisher. I was afraid of rejection. I mean who wouldn’t be. These are the people that know what they are talking about. But, I told myself the worst they can say is no, right? It was an electronic submission so I wasn’t even out a stamp.

I heard back the next day asking for a different format and thought, “Oh great, I blew that.” So I tried not to think about it. I received some pretty harsh criticism on the same novel that I just sent in. The obvious “what was I thinking” set in. The week of dejection from my last entry set in. I tried to ignore it and read that whole slew of romance novels I mentioned in my last post.

Inspiration struck, I started writing again and forgot about my woes. I got back to my blog and have been trying to get on Twitter everyday and post to FB.  The clouds lifted and all was right again as I mentioned previously.

faith3So here’s where things get interesting. This past Saturday at well past 1 am I checked my email just before bed and saw an email from said publisher. They wanted to publish my novel. I was the only one awake and couldn’t even share it with anyone. That’s one of the few drawbacks to doing most of your writing when everyone else is asleep.

Since Saturday I’ve been emailing back and forth with my publisher. They asked me not to advertise so I can’t disclose a cover or release date yet. The old version is also no longer available on Amazon. It’s a little bittersweet yet oh so exciting. I can’t wait to see what new avenues this will lead to.

Sending my novel in was another instance in my life where I just took the plunge. It seems to be a repeating pattern for me. I got married at 21 to my high school sweetheart,faith4went back to school on a whim, moved to Atlanta without my spouse (yes we’re still happily married) and decided to self publish my first book in January. I don’t talk about it but none of it would have happened without the faith I mentioned above. Yep despite the mature content of my books and the dark theme of For Their Sins I am a Christian. The outcomes of those crazy life choices always have His hand on them. At least that’s what I believe. I thank Him everyday for what I have.


So for now I’ll wait and see where He takes me next.

If you need a little inspiration today try one of my favorite songs: Even If by Mercy Me.

If you have any questions or comments let me know. I’ll post covers and launch dates as soon as I can.

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