A Little Obsessed

wq10About a month ago I posted that I took a break from all my social media because I was upset over my lack of sales and other writing issues. I mentioned that I read a whole string of paranormal romances as well and that inspired me to write my own. Those 7,126 have now turned into one complete novella and 3/4 of another for a total of 68,417 words. This is in between working and mothering and being a wife. So OK, I’ve been more than a little obsessed. I barely finished my short story for Hallowerotica 2017 because it was more fun to make people fall in love than kill them for once. Maybe that speaks well for my mental health. I was beginning to feel like George R.R. Martin.

I follow  @NatRusso on Twitter, a fellow author, and he always posts tips on writing. Yesterday he posted, “Every sentence you write makes your next sentence stronger. The best was to improve your wq11writing is to write.” That statement is so true. Inspired by my writing frenzy I recently pulled out a manuscript I finished about ten years ago to get it ready for publication. Yep ten years ago, sigh. When I read it, I still liked it, but the writing wasn’t as refined as my current writing.  I do a lot of things differently now. Perhaps something good beside a 4 novella series will come out of my newest obsession. Maybe I won’t feel guilty about the quilt I wanted to make sitting in a drawer another year or my BFF waiting another year for her Christmas tree skirt that I was supposed to make her.

I’ve learned so many things since the beginning of this year when I put my first novel out there for the whole world to see. Looking back now there is so much I wish I new then, wq7so much I would do differently. Out of all those regrets writing obsessively isn’t one of them. I was asked Thursday how I can write on my 30 minute lunch break. But when people are living in your head it’s really not hard. Maybe that’s the rush, everyone needs to live their life not just inside  my head. So to anyone waiting on a book review and I’ve already promised to do it will still get done. I’m just a little obsessed right now.


Does anyone else get periods like this? Let me know what you think or your own experiences.


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