Chronicles of the Coranydas by Award-Winning Author @Rtranbooks #epicfantasy #IARTG #SFF

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We’re pleased to announce that this fantastic series has brand new covers!

the_rashade_front_new (1)

Title: The Rashade’ : Chronicles of the Coranydas Volume 1

Author: Rebecca Tran

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Book Blurb:

“I killed many more men after that, but it is his face that I will always remember.” Mara

After her father was murdered before her eyes, Mara Coranyda traded a life of privilege, for one devoted to vengeance. Shortly into her quest to find the mage that murdered him, Mara discovered it wouldn’t be an easy task to accomplish. Not only would she have to find the magical artifacts to destroy him, but she would also have to raise an army to stop his conquest of her homelands.


Kailin pulled her in closer to him and stared at her with his violet eyes. It was a thrill that she instantly rebelled against. “You’re not going to let that…

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