“Unlike the Rest” #Instafreebie

I had a very frustrating past couple weeks as far as writing. They were those weeks where nothing seemed to go right. My beta readers couldn’t agree if they liked my novel or not. The editor I hired for the same novel had no idea how to edit a first person POV novel. She had me doubting everything I wrote and I almost scrapped the whole thing. Then the Halloween anthology I wrote two short stories for was cancelled Late last week.

Well their loss is your gain. I released it on instafreebie as its own short story.

Unlike the Rest is a first-person narrative of Nisha Patel. Like the rest of her people, Nisha is a Venandi, a vampire descended from angels. At an early age, she quickly learns there are a lot of things that set her apart from the others. Nisha has great sway over those around her and it threatens to tear her people apart. Will Nisha learn to harness her potential before it’s too late, or will her whole world crumble around her?

Claim Your Copy

Keep watching my blog. I have another short horror story that I may send out for Halloween. I worked pretty had on that too for the same anthology and it would be a shame if no one ever got to read it. For now I have a novel to edit and a novella to write. I wonder how I have any hair left. Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween.

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