Talking Tales Cricket’s Guitar by Erica Graham

Cricket’s Guitar is a children’s book that helps children develop their language skills. In this case the ability to pronounce the letter “T”. Graham uses a fun and lively story about a sad little cricket with a broken guitar string. He asks a young girl for help finding a new one and it’s quite a challenge.

The pictures in this book are fun and charming. But, it’s the story that steals the show.erica graham The repetitive nature of the story draws children in. They love adding to the sentence with each new string tried making it sillier each time.

This book is a great learning tool. It makes practicing those tricky “T’s” fun. My oldest daughter has speech problems and she flew right through with a smile. I will be looking for more in this series and recommend them to her speech teacher.

This is a definite 5 star.

Author Bio:

Erica Graham is an award winning children’s author. Graham graduated from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville with her Master of Science Degree in Speech Language Pathology. She also holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. As a mother, Graham understands the difficulty parents have finding time to work on speech with their children. In her pursuit to create a fun easy way for therapists, children, and their parents to enhance speech development while promoting literacy, she has written a series of exciting children’s books. Each book focuses on a core sound used in the English language. Outside of writing and working as a Speech Language Pathologist, Graham enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and daughters, volunteering with the youth group at church, and a good cup of tea.

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