A Small Change Makes a Big Difference

book1Last year was my first year as a published author. I walked into it knowing nothing. I had no clue who Ingram Sparks was or Create Space or anyone else in the game. All I knew was I could self publish on Amazon for free. When I published my first book Amazon wasn’t offering their own paperback publishing service and referred me to Create Space so that’s what I did.

I stubbornly stuck with Amazon convinced Kindle Unlimited would pay off for me they way it has for other authors. As the year wore on and I published more novels, wrote more blogs, and joined more forums I realized something wasn’t working. So, I asked for help. Lots of help.

The indie community is an amazing place. For the most part we want each other to succeed. I will admit there are a few haters out there. (I got frowny faces when I introduced myself as an award winning author. Sorry if you didn’t get an award but I have four so far. I even got a bad review from someone I’m convinced didn’t thoroughly ad2read my book and was eager to pull down the book rating.) Those are far and few between. Normally, when you ask for help you get it.

Over the last year my writing has improved and my genres have expanded. I’m willing to try new things which is great. I’ve learned how to apply my dusty marketing degree to the new digital age (Twitter and FB didn’t exist when I graduated) and I’ve learned to do some of the graphic work myself.

The biggest change I made was to expand my distribution. I can’t take credit for that bit of brilliance that was all Mrs. N.’s idea from the Princess of the Light blog. She is an author herself and was making the switch when she suggested it to me.

I can’t believe the difference it has made. I’ve sold more on Draft 2 Digital’s platform this month than Amazon. I’m set for my biggest month of sales yet and my books went live on the site 1/10/18. I can’t say that every month will be this successful. I had a book release this month and it tends to bump sales up. But, I am hopeful for more steady traffic.

With all the  negative tactics aimed at indie authors on Amazon I think indie authors should seriously consider pulling out of KU. If the numbers aren’t there why are you staying?

If you do decide to switch let them know who sent you simply click here

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