Ever Meet a Dragon?

Originally posted on the Princess of the Light’s Blog

“Hayden North was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to speak with me today. His popularity has soared recently after the release of White Hot Ash: Dragons of the North which tells the story of how he met his wife.” I started my introduction.

“My mate,” Hayden corrected. I looked at him a little dazzled still by his brilliant smile and high cheekbones. Even sitting down I had to look up at him. “Sky is Asher and my mate.”

I was still confused by the whole situation. “Could you tell us a little about yourself Hayden? I’m sure our audience is a little lost.” I hate to admit that I blushed slightly under his scrutiny.

He smiled again leaning back in his chair slightly. “My name is Hayden North. My partner Asher Drake is the leader of all the dragons in the North American Territories. We work together for everyone’s benefit.” His face fell flat a moment. “You don’t want to meet a lead dragon without a partner.” Then his smile was back, “my job is to balance his dragon. We’ve been paired a long time, and we share everything. That includes our mate Sky.”

“What exactly is a mate?” I asked him.

“A mate is more than a spouse. It’s the perfect partner for you; your one true soul mate and perfect sexual partner all in one. Sky is that for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better mate.” He looked into my eyes, and I had to look away.

I cleared my throat, as I looked down at my prepared questions. “What is your idea of perfect happiness?” I realized too late that was a loaded question.

Hayden smirked as he looked at the people around us. “I better screen my answer first.” Then he leaned forward and whispered in my ear. My face heated and I was sure I would have wonderful dreams later, but it wasn’t appropriate for the audience. I shook my head. Hayden shrugged, “I guess I’ll go with the clean version, a night in bed with Sky and Asher.” It wasn’t spotless. However, it was a considerable improvement.

“Which living person do you most admire?” I asked him and was happy when Hayden’s boyish grin disappeared.

Hayden looked down and played with the end of his long platinum braid a moment as he considered his answer. “Asher,” he said finally. At first, I thought that was all he would say then he continued. “He’s always been willing to do what’s best for the territory no matter what it cost him personally. It was Asher that kept the North from war, and it was Asher that was willing to marry someone we didn’t love for the sake of peace. He’s the least selfish person I know.” Hayden shook his head. Then he looked up at me smiling again. He couldn’t seem to help it, and it was infectious.

“What is your most marked characteristic?” It was a serious question yet he was near laughing at his own private joke.

“Sky would say it’s my horn,” He paused staring at me to see if I would take the bait. By now I realized he was trying to embarrass me and I simply raised my brows. “My dragon has two horns on its head that curve backward.” He clarified. “I think it’s my eyes though.” As I watched his eyes changed from a cool grey to liquid silver then back again. It was unnerving.

I shifted in my chair. “What do you consider your greatest achievement?” I pressed on.

“That’s easy, earning Sky as my mate was the best thing I ever did.” Hayden folded his long fingers in his lap.

I was surprised by Hayden’s answer. “Not uniting the territories?”

He waved it off “That was Asher, I only helped. Although, he would probably give you the same answer. Sky is more important to us than any political dealings.”

“What is your greatest fear?” I asked.

His jaw clenched, and his hands balled up into fists “Losing Sky if anything happened to her,” he looked away. “I can’t, I couldn’t.”

“Hayden,” We both looked up at the new voice. A beautiful tall, leggy blonde with perfect curves was just walking in the room. Her white blouse and navy pencil skirt said she worked in a very conservative environment. She went immediately to Hayden’s side and sat on his lap. She kissed him gently, and he relaxed. “I’m fine.” She assured him then looked up at me. “Are you stupid? You can’t ask him something like that without Asher or I around.” She sighed “Sky North, a pleasure to meet you.” She offered her hand.

We shook hands, and I offered my apologies. Sky nodded and helped Hayden to his feet assuming we were through. “Hayden, if you were trying out for a singing reality show, what song would you sing?” It was one of those stupid icebreaker questions that sometimes told a lot about a person. I was hoping for that now.

Hayden smiled again. Sky and Hayden laughed as they walked out the door. I was lost. At least he wasn’t upset anymore.

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