Dragon Tails

Do you Ever wonder where I get my inspiration from? Sometimes it’s a random piece of conversation. Other times it’s a tv show or movie and yes even other books. In the case of my Dragon shifters it was a long weekend of binge reading combined with my best friend who’d been arguing with her husband. I thought she needed to find her Mr. Right and a dragon shifter cowboy would sweep her off her feet, literally.

I started writing and fell in love with the series. My dragons are my heroes and each one is special. With that being said I had to know more about them. So my obsession began. I started researching different types of dragons and the myths behind them. It led to a set of posts on the other blog I write for Our Author Gang.

The posts on Our Author Gang covers dragon mythology from all over the world.

Post 1 is on European Dragons

Post 2 is on Chinese

Post 3 is on atypical dragon from around the world

Post 4 is on North American dragons.

I hope you’ll read all about them and check out the character interview with Taylor Peters as well.

If your interested in purchasing Dragons of the North or Hunted: Dragons of the South you can find them at their links above.

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