Inspiration Strikes

bffSome of you may know from reading my blog that I went to pharmacy school in Atlanta, GA. While there my husband at the time lived here in St. Louis, MO. It meant I spent many long hours in the car. It also means I still have friends in the southeast. I try to see them at least once or twice a year which means more time in the car.


Last weekend was one of those weekends. I met one of my best friends in Nashville, TN. It was a four and a half hour drive by myself. I did what most people did. I turned up the radio and and sang along when no one could hear me.

I also had a long time to think about the problems in my books that I wasn’t able to get past. Yes that’s right long road trips are the secret to my success. Wait till next summer, I bought a camper and plan to take the girls as far as they’ll sit still. But, back to my point.grand-canyon-1235221_1280

All that time alone allowed me to figure out the problems that plagued me about my third book in my Chronicles of the Coranydas series. Descendants Rising picks up with the same characters after the second book. I knew in order to fix it I would have to do a major edit. It was going to hurt so I pushed it off.

book4On that long drive. I saw the silver lining. I wrote that book when I was 23. the writing wasn’t the same quality, which was another problem. If I cut what I needed to it would give me an opportunity to rewrite. Also instead of typing what was currently written by hand I would use it more as an outline. Working with an outline is something I never do.

This storyline is near and dear to my heart though. The next two books are already written and waiting to be typed and edited. Agh! Yes, they are handwritten. Without this book though, nothing make sense. Instead of dreading the editing process I’m excited to finally finish this book.

Keep following my blog and website for more announcements regarding Descendants Rising: Chronicles of the Coranydas Volume 3


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