Out of Steam

When I started writing over 20 years ago I never thought writing would be a struggle for me. At least not when it came to knowing what to write about. Writing for me was a stress relief. It was my escape from reality where no one could bother me and I was completely in control.

Since I broke it off with my ex I haven’t had any motivation to write. I have tried to think of ideas but the ideas evade me. Even writing my blog posts have been a struggle. For me it’s unusual that when I need it most my writing is gone.

I’m sure I will write again however I don’t know when. For now I continue to push ahead with other creative outlets. I’m teaching my daughter to sew and am finally finishing a quilt I started over a year ago. I also picked up painting again.

Still I miss the clack of the keys and the stories as they unfold. I should be reading the books that I’ve put off reading but every time I look at a book I miss writing. All I can do is keep thinking of possible story lines until one jumps at me. Until then I wait.

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