Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacist part 2

After the last post I thought I’d share why I love my job. Sure I work some 10 hour days wait hours to pee, don’t get breaks, and get yelled at for things beyond my control but I love my job. Which I repeat to myself quite often throughout the day sometimes.

Why you ask? Most people assume it’s the money. Well I can’t knock it, the pay is nice and I have one of the best schedules around. That’s not the reason I love my job though. I got into pharmacy to help people. It sounds like the same old cliche answer people give to the admissions board however, it’s true. I love the people I work with and I love helping people in need.

Are there exceptions? Of course. There are days when people get on my nerves,anyone who works with the public has that problem. Then there are days when my favorite customer walks in. I ask them about their daughter, wife, or mother. I ask about their health problems and you see their eyes light up that you remembered and you care.

I have several patients that I know on a first name basis. I know their spouse’s first name and sometimes their kid’s. When we aren’t crazy busy I love to take a few minutes out of my day to speak with them. They feel appreciated and it makes my day brighter. This is especially true of my older patients. Sometimes they are alone in this world and it’s nice for them to know someone still cares about them. Then there are the jokers and the innocent flirts. Both of them have a way of making you smile no matter how your day is going.

I enjoy the feeling I get when I keep a patient from receiving a potentially harmful medications. Sure it takes time out of hectic day and often irritates the patient because they have to wait. If they are reasonable people they usually understand in the end and are even thankful.

Another Favorite is when I help a patient choose the right over the counter medication to help them feel better. Then there are the puzzles. As I mentioned on my last post people ask me questions about a variety of subjects outside my practice area. Sometimes they are routine questions while other times it takes a barrage of questions and sometimes a phone call and several suggestions before I figure out what will work best for the patient. Once I do it’s great knowing that I figured it out and helped someone in the meantime.

These are the biggest reasons why I love my job. There are more and I’m sure after I publish this I will think of ten more. For now this is enough.

Next post I will start walking you through what a pharmacist does and why it is important.

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