Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacist: Special Edition

Today I won’t go on a rant, there is enough of that all over social media. There’s also enough doom and gloom to make even the happiest person depressed. Instead, I want to encourage everyone to be kind, respectful, and cheerful.

Everyone is in the same boat as you are. We’re all stuck at home, well unless your like me and have an “essential job”. But, I’d rather be at home spending time with my kids, than dealing with grumpy angry customers. This is something I knew may happen one day when I chose this job, so I go into work everyday, put on a smile and help.

Everyone in the pharmacy, hospitals, dr offices grocery stores and even restaurants have been doing the same thing. They have been risking their health and their family’s health to help you. Please think about that when you go out for the things you need. If you know one of these employees say thank you.

At the very least stay home. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do these days with all the streaming options available for TV and gaming systems. Play board games with your kids, walk the dog, catch up on home improvement or craft projects or deep clean your house. Just stay home for your health and mine.

Ok, maybe I ranted a little. Thanks to everyone who stays at home unless they absolutely need something. I hope that all the essential employees remain safe and healthy, thanks for all you do. Sending out happy thoughts and warm wishes during these troubling times.

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