Good things are happening

As some of you may know my writing and books were derailed in 2018 when I divorced my husband of 17 years. We are officially spiltsville and I’ve been happily dating a new man for well over a year but the ex and I are still fighting about the kids. It’s put a serious strain on me mentally and financially. I am determined though to get things moving again with my books.

First, my contract with Hoffman & Hoffman is over and I have the rights back to “For Their Sins”. I am designing the cover myself, so I hope its a hit. I will do a deep edit and hope to get it re-launched by the middle of May. Keep watching the page for the cover reveal.

Preview of the new cover

Second “Hunted: Dragons of the South” has a new cover. That was the first cover I attempted and it wasn’t going as well as I hoped. A friend that happens to be an author and cover designer stepped in and made a beautiful cover for me.

Third and most exciting, I’m working on getting my books out in audio versions. I’m starting with “Hunted” because it’s my bestseller and will move on from there. It is under production. Depending on production and volume on Audibles it should be out by the end of June at the latest. If you like my work and have friends that only do audiobooks please tell them about my books.

Lastly, I am trying to increase my presence on social media and my blog. My life is a little crazy so bear with me if I fall of the wagon. I will keep trying to post.

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