It’s Official…

Well it’s official I’m an ultra nerd. This weekend I started the ultimate form of procrastination and completed my transformation from somewhat nerdy to the highest level there was. What is it you ask? What have I done that is so crazy? I started my first RPG. Yep I started the journey to becoming a gamer.

I know it doesn’t sound like much but for someone who loves all the other geeky tropes out there it’s another box checked off. Over a three day weekend I put in 21 hours of game time. Noooo! Talk about getting sucked into the story. My characters are level 30 and I’m about to meet my second dragon.

So what’s the point to my ramble aside from my latest book being delayed? Like anime the story lines in RPGs are amazing. A lot of them have common themes like kid wants to go on an adventure and finds out along the way he is special or has a hidden power. It was his destiny all along to be on this journey. Now they must save the girl or the world. Sounds familiar right?

For anyone who reads fantasy it’s right up our alley and easy to make the switch if your willing to put in the time. It’s a great way to get into a story without reading a book. Or a great way to play a game that isn’t a standard shoot em up.

I don’t typically play video games and before this weekend the longest stretch behind the controls I’d had was an hour. I don’t know how steady my gaming will be since I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, a boyfriend, a job and books to write but it’s a good distraction. It’s also been a good source of inspiration and a way to think outside the box.

For now I’ll embrace my nerdier side while I finish my game. My book will get finished in the next week or so and I can start a new adventure while I wait for the beta readers to wade through the manuscript. To my fellow nerds just do you and don’t worry about any one else

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