We Will Never Forget?

Today was the 19th anniversary of September 11 and makes me wonder what happened to this country? Not sure what I mean? Let me explain.

September 11, 2001 two planes crashed into the twin towers in NY city a third smashed into the Pentagon while a fourth was brought down by the passengers before it could hit its unknown target somewhere in DC. The entire country watched the tv like zombies transfixed on the horror playing out before them.

As the smoke began to clear and it was evident the attacks were through the rescuers rushed in to save anyone and everyone they could. Ordinary people banned together to help in anyway they could. There were prayer vigils and supplies donated to aid those in need. The police, EMS, and firefighters were heroes. The country’s motto became “We Will Never Forget”

Today the United States is unrecognizable from the one seen on 9/11/2001. We are the complete opposite. Not only has the country forgotten what happened to us, it has now allowed itself to be torn apart. We stand divided separated by anger and hatred. Our own citizens succeeded where terrorists failed.

We need to let go of the hatred and fear mongering. Once we learn to see one another’s point of view again we can work towards a common goal. This country can be anything we want it to be. It can unite. We showed the world how well we worked together and we can do so again. We just have to remember what we are capable of.

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