Court Battle Royale part 1

For those of you who are lucky in love and are still married; or those who never had a custody battle I thought I’d share my long and ardupus journey with you.

How it Began

When I divorced in November 2018, my ex and I had a custody plan in place. It included what would happen after he finished residency, so all seemed right with the world. Then that became a reality in July 2019, and he found a big boy job. That bright shiny title of Hospitalist went straight to his head. Suddenly I was supposed to change the schedule we agreed on to fit his work schedule.

I’m not an unreasonable person and I probably would have agreed. However, my ex had been pretty disrespectful to my boyfriend and me over the previous six months or so.

Rearranging my schedule so he could have the girls only on his days off when I had them no matter what was going on peeved me off pretty bad too. His excuse was he worked too late and went in too early to take them on the days he worked. He was off at 5 or 6 by his own account. He said he went in at 6 but has the man never heard of a nanny?

I work retail. My old schedule had me going in at 8 am or off at 9 pm. Now I go in as early as 6 am to off at 7 pm. When your a rent you do what you have to for your kids. So I refused to budge. It helped that my girls didn’t want to see him anymore than they do now.

My ex got pissed because that’s what he does when he doesn’t get his way. I said, kiss my butt, and he took me to court. Honestly, I had been expecting it. For months I had been searching for lawyers. Yep not even divorced a year and back in court. Divorce isn’t cheap, especially when you have kids.

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