Court Battle Royale: part 2

I Should Have Been a Lawyer

Anyone who has ever had to hire a lawyer probably had the same thought at least once. I should have been a lawyer. Why? Because of the exorbitant fee they charge. The good ones don’t come cheap, and this is one time you don’t want to cheap out.

There are always exceptions to the rule though. Just because they are expensive, have awards, are on the radio, or come recommended doesn’t mean they are the best.

I found that out the hard way. My first lawyer had all of the above. At one time she apparently was the best. Then her firm got too big for her to over see everything and despite her promises that she would personally over see my case shit slipped through the cracks. Her jr associate handling my case was overworked and I constantly had to hound her to do her job. Then I had to pay her for those emails and calls reminding her to do her job.

So I fired my first lawyer. Then I had to pay fees for exit paperwork and to transfer my file to my new lawyer because my first lawyer wasn’t doing her job.

See here’s the thing with lawyers you pay for their time, every single second no matter what or why. It didn’t matter that she gave me the wrong advice, or that she should have filed to have my case dismissed in October like I asked her to and my new lawyer eventually did. I spoke with her and emailed her and told her to do her job. It took up her tome and I had to pay for it.

How much you wonder did I have to pay for such shitty service and wasting 6 months of my time? Over $5000 to her then an additional $5000 retainer to my new lawyer just to get him started on trying to fix her mess. No, unfortunately, I’m not entitled to a refund.

See I should have been a lawyer.

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