Court Battle Royale: Part 4

The problem With Narcissists

My ex is a narcissist. When I say that, I mean he fits the clinical definition almost to a tee. For those that don’t know what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is, there is a brief overview that explains it on Medical News Today. How does this pertain to my court case, you ask? It effects everything. Let me explain.

My ex became a Dr for respect and because I think it bugged the piss out of him that I had a doctorate and he only had a bachelor’s. But now that he’s a Dr somehow everybody believes everything he says. I swear he could say the sky is green, and people would agree.

Narcissists also have a sense of self importance which tends to make him sound more credible than he is. If you walk into a room sounding like you know what your doing, people believe you.

These two things, combined with his master manipulation skills and the man seems to get whatever he wants. I genuinely don’t understand it. He’s an MD who doesn’t know how strep throat spreads or how long after starting antibiotics before the kids are no longer contagious. Even before I was a pharmacist, I knew that. I mean, really, he’s an idiot. Can I have a refund for his med school tuition?

Here lies the problem with court. Everything is about him. He’s filed motion after motion dragging things out just to get his way and the judge is entertaining it. It’s one bullshit dick move after another. And they are all legal. The court-appointed guardian ad lidum seems to believe his B.S. It’s just like our marriage. He keeps getting his way while I wait for Karma, but the b@$ch never comes.

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