Court Battle Royale: part 4 continued

Attack of the Narccissist

My ex is a narcissist to put it mildly. My last post goes into detail on this and the problems in brings when dealing with him in court. If you haven’t read that post the link is here.

We have been divorced for two years. However, he still thinks my life revolves around him. I can’t seem to get him to understand that my decisions in life no longer have to benefit him. Nothing in my life for that fact has to benefit him. As I told him not everything is about you.

In his latest round of stupidity he showed just how much he didn’t understand this point. During this court drama we have been ordered to undergo co-parenting counseling. (That will be discussed in a different post)

After running to his lawyer and hundreds of dollars later we settled on a counselor. In his text to let me know when he could make an appointment he was sure to let me know what was convenient for him.

Could I please make it on his day off between 9 am and 1pm. You see this way he wouldn’t have to take off work and he wouldn’t have to arrange child care for our children. Lord forbid he do either thing a normal grownup with kids has to do occasionally.

When I told him that the counselors schedule and my schedule may not line up with what he wanted he pretty much told me that they would have appointments to accommodate him. There was never a thought as to if it were convenient for me or if I had to work or run errands or catch up on house work. Nope once again it was all about him. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised my whole life rotated around him for 20 years why would he think it would change just because of some silly divorce.

Well I am through putting his wishes above my own. I chose my education, career path, where I lived and even passed up a holden opportunity to own my own pharmacy because it wasn’t what he wanted. I wonder how different my life would be sometimes if we would have stayed split up in college. Where would I be now? He swears I would have married white trash and never finished school. Once upon I time I bought that bs. Now I think he held me back. Maybe I would have done everything I wanted maybe not, all I can do now is move forward and keep reminding that jerk my life is mine and doesn’t revolve around him anymore.

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