The Great American Lockdown

My Thoughts on 2020

This year has been the strangest that I and many others can remember. The challenges and stress of an illness that has kept most of the world secluded in their homes has brought out the best and worst in people. After nine months of a three-week lockdown, most are at the end of their ropes.

As a pharmacist, I have worked for the entire pandemic. We have been short-staffed in our market and in my store on and off for the majority of the time. That means I have worked extra almost every pay period. Trust me, the money is welcome, but I’m tired, grumpy, and miss seeing my kids. For those who are curious, I have not had COVID 19. I did miss two days with a pinched nerve recently, though, and that’s a whole other story.

This is what I’ve seen over the last year: I saw a nation pull together to accomplish the unthinkable—providing ventilators and PPE to not only our country but to others as well when it was needed most. I saw neighbors and friends, helping one another with groceries and prescriptions to keep one another healthy. And the American entrepreneurial spirit in those who started selling homemade masks to supplement income.

I have also seen the ugly side of America. Those who don’t want to wear masks arguing and assaulting others or being attacked.  I’ve seen riots in the streets by people already angry about the pandemic that was set ablaze by the media. I have seen our country torn apart by the same media who hated their President so much they would do and say anything to get him out of office. There has been corruption and cover-ups on a massive scale to promote an agenda fed to us by the main stream media.

All of this has impacted the people of this nation so that no one fully understands yet. Our country is at a tipping point. These next few months and even years will determine our future. If we can set aside our differences and stand up for the core beliefs that the United States was founded on, we may have a shot. If not, who knows what the future holds.

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