Court Battle Royale Part 5:

The Fight Goes On and On and On

It seems like every time my court case is close to moving forward, my ex finds some way to delay the process. It’s the old adage of one step ahead and two steps back, leaving me more than frustrated.

Early last week, I was copied on an email to my ex and his lawyer requesting his availability to take his deposition for the upcoming trial in January. I was elated. Finally, the case was moving; the end was in sight. Then Monday morning, I got another email with an attached motion to continue filed by my ex at the end of the previous week. Seriously, he filed within a matter of days of my lawyer’s request. 

The question is, why? His official reason was that we did not attend co-parenting counseling yet, and it may have some bearing on the case. While that is true, counseling will have no bearing on our case. My ex refuses to change. Why should he when I’m the problem, right? Unofficially I think it’s just another tactic to make me miserable. I also think he’s hoping I’ll cave and give him what he wants. My lawyer is convinced he doesn’t want to go to trial for some reason and is delaying as long as possible.

No matter his reason, I refuse to give in. My lawyer fought the motion and lost. At least the reason should leave a bad taste in the judge’s mouth. Our guardian stated that my ex “is in denial about his contributions to the problems in this case.” Huh… Finally someone is starting to see I’m no& some crazy ex-wife out to get the man who wronged me.

I admit I was pretty upset about the outcome when I heard on Friday. I cried and cursed. I didn’t understand why someone like him hasn’t got the smackdown from karma yet. But then I thought about it and figured out a thing or two.

The continuance sucked, but at least I’m finally getting people to listen to me. The sparkly MD blinders are falling off, and people are seeing his true colors. He’s not a hero, a genius, or someone you place on a pedestal. He’s an asshole narcissist that will say and do anything to get what he wants.

More importantly, he doesn’t get everything he wants. He doesn’t have me. I have my bestie to thank for that solid reminder of the best karma there is.  No matter how much he has or gets, he will never have me, and I think that really is what drives him insane.

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