Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacist

The Name Game: part 2

In the pharmacy we see names all day long. In 14 years behind the counter I’ve seen some pretty interesting choices. There was L-a pronounced Ladasha and another young lady who had a whole sentence as her first name.

The trend we see now are parents spelling more traditional names in unique ways. There’s Kyle with a C or Jaymie instead of Jamie.  For those who didn’t realize XA makes a XZ sound there’s Xzavier.

I personally don’t care what parents name their kids it’s their choice. All I ask is that they remember the child has to live with it.  They have to correct the spelling for the rest of their life. And when I spell it wrong please don’t get mad at me. Jamie isn’t spelled with a y, Kyle is spelled with a k and I don’t need the z in Xavier to tell me how to pronounce it.

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