Court Battle Royale: Part 6

In Retrospect

Yep you’re reading that right part 6. I am still tied up in court with my ex. Today I was having a discussion with a group of ladies all in similar situations to mine. They couldn’t believe I wrote about my court battle. One thought it was brave. But I do t think so at all.

I started writing this because I was outraged at our court system. Now I hope that another woman somewhere finds these posts and realizes like I did they aren’t alone. These situations are far too common.

I ignored things I shouldn’t have for far too long. I was so determined to make my marriage work that I was willing to sacrifice who I was. I convinced myself I was happy while simultaneously going to counseling for depression. I remember wanting to leave on several occasions and not knowing why, or at least not admitting it.

Then there was his manipulations. Any time we fought or I complained about one of his behaviors he improved just long enough to convince me things were going to change. He would be sweet and attentive for a few weeks then slowly go right back to how he was. He promised me so many things that he never planned to follow through on.

If any of this sounds familiar please know you are not alone. You are not the problem. You are stronger than you think.

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