Happy Halloween

Free Treats

To celebrate Halloween I have decided to post a special freebie. This novella is outside my normal genre of writing. The piece was originally for a writing collaboration a couple years back that didn’t pan out. The collaboration was called Hallowerotica which was a mix of horror and erotica. When things fell through I wrote a second version that left out the erotica for those who didn’t like it.

In honor of Halloween I thought I would share it with you. The links are below, be sure to pick the version you prefer.

Welcome to Cypress Cove

Dean Reynold’s day started out on a high note until he got a call to a murder scene. It was violence and gore like the hardened homicide detective never saw before. Then everything started to unravel. Seemingly normal people were attacking other’s for no reason. The quiet little town he grew up turned into a nightmare. Dean desperately tries to solve the mystery until surviving suddenly became a higher priority.

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