Court Battle Royale: Part 9

It is Finished… For Now

Yes you read that right the court battle is over. After 2 long years my Ex and I settled out of court.

I won’t disclose what the details of the settlement are but I did get almost everything I wanted. Why my ex had a sudden change of heart I have no clue. It makes me wonder what his ulterior motives are. I will say it feels great to have things resolved.

The last two years feel like a total waste of time, money and energy. Most people tell me it was pointless, which in a way they are right. It wasn’t pointless to me though. My ex backed off. He quit acting like an entitled a@@hole and is working with me at least a little. He dropped his suit for medical decision making and gave up the days he wasn’t taking anyway.

Overall my girls are happier. They still don’t want to go to their dad’s house but they can at least make the most of the time they are at his house. In a few years they will be old enough to decide where they want to live and we can revisit the issue of custody.

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