All Done??

My website is finished. I think. A website is never really finished. There are always things to update add and change. For now though I think I have everything updated and switched to the new format. Please feel free to give me honest feedback. Your comments help me improve.

Out of Steam

When I started writing over 20 years ago I never thought writing would be a struggle for me. At least not when it came to knowing what to write about. Writing for me was a stress relief. It was my escape from reality where no one could bother me and I was completely in control. … More Out of Steam

New Release

Sweet Surrender is available now on Amazon and other major retailers. After a lot of personal heartache and hard work, book 2 in the Dragons of the Dragons of the South series is now available. Most of my books draw on personal experience, but this one comes from a particularly turbulent time in my life and … More New Release