It’s Official…

Well it’s official I’m an ultra nerd. This weekend I started the ultimate form of procrastination and completed my transformation from somewhat nerdy to the highest level there was. What is it you ask? What have I done that is so crazy? I started my first RPG. Yep I started the journey to becoming a … More It’s Official…

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacist: Part 3

Pharmacists play a vital role in the healthcare model. We provide several vital services to patients that aren’t readily found anywhere else or are delegated strictly to pharmacists. All of our roles however all focus on one main goal and that is as I’ve said before, keeping patients safe. The first is the most obvious … More Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacist: Part 3

Out of Steam

When I started writing over 20 years ago I never thought writing would be a struggle for me. At least not when it came to knowing what to write about. Writing for me was a stress relief. It was my escape from reality where no one could bother me and I was completely in control. … More Out of Steam

Radio Silence

Wondering where I was? If you don’t follow my Instagram or Facebook or simply want more details on where I’ve been the last several months I’ve spelled it all out for you. With 2018 over I have plans to start fresh. … More Radio Silence