Chronicles of the Coranydas

A young woman on an impossible quest. Darkness looming on the horizon. If she can’t master her power everything she loves will die.

When a sinister mage murders Mara Coryanda’s father, she trades her privileged existence for one devoted to vengeance by any means necessary. Soon her tireless quest leads to frustration.

The mage proves to be a formidable opponent, who will stop at nothing to ensure his master plan comes to fruition…unless Mara locates the magical artifacts that could twist fate and help her raise an army to save her homeland.

Will her quest prove to be too much to bear or will fate intervene on her behalf?

The Rashade’ is an award-winning epic fantasy with fully a realized realized world, realistic characters, magic, and sword fights. If you enjoy strong female heroines or books like Deltora Quest and Game of Thrones you’ll love this series.

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A young woman with a destiny. A land on the brink of war. If she can’t stop it nothing can.

Following a terrifying brush with death, Mara returns to her homeland virtually empty-handed. With only one magical artifact in her possession, her army out of reach, and the threat of war looming closely overhead, she fears victory will not be hers and death will soon follow despite her best efforts.

Weary from her treacherous journey and growing more and more unsure of herself, will Mara see some semblance of victory before all is lost?

A Guardian Falls picks up where the first book left off. It follows a young woman’s journey of love, loss, magic, and sword fights to a jaw dropping conclusion. This book is rich in depth, character and emotion.

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Coming Soon

Descendants Rising Chronicles of the Coranydas Volume 3

Delayed for total re-write

Spoiler Alert Do not Read if you have not finished book 2

Mara Coranyda was pleased with the life she and her family built. The land was at peace, and her oldest daughter Cahira was climbing the ranks among the Shiori warriors. When Cahira is stolen by dragons and taken far beyond the northern shores, it all becomes a nightmare. To get her back Mara and Kess will have to brave unknown peril, vicious dragons, and their desperate queen. Will they rescue Cahira before she’s lost forever or will the dragon queen destroy them all?