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Werewolf Moon
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Under The Silvery Moon

Lexa rested her head on Andrew’s shoulder as she walked along the moonlit path. Lexa absently noted the full moon filling the night sky. Andrew seemed excited tonight although Lexa couldn’t imagine why they’d been intimate before; never in the woods though. It was an odd choice even for him. Lexa had a prickle of apprehension as Andrew led her further into the trees. Why had Andrew driven her here instead to her apartment?

Andrew stopped on the path. They were in a thick patch of trees. It was so quiet. There weren’t even crickets chirping. Shouldn’t there be crickets? Lexa pushed it aside as she looked into Andrews’ eyes. He smiled down at her.

“I never thought I’d find someone like you: brave, strong, independent, beautiful. God Lexa, I love you.” Andrew brushed the hair away from her face.

Lexa’s heart raced. Andrew was going to propose. It was too soon, wasn’t it? They’d known each other for two years but only dated six months. He smiled again, and something was wrong with his face. Lexa didn’t have time to think. She turned to run when searing pain caught her in the collarbone. There was a snarl then a howl before the pain struck again. This time it was aimed at her stomach, legs, and arms.

Lexa was lost in a haze of agony when she heard Andrew’s voice, “I hope you survive the change.” He disappeared leaving a huge grey wolf in his place. Lexa passed out.

The sun woke Lexa late the next day. Her head was pounding, and she was covered in blood. She was alive though. How the hell was she alive? Lexa sat up rubbing her head. When she heard Andrew’s voice calling for her Lexa got to her feet and ran. She couldn’t let him catch her.

Lexa made her way back toward the parking lot on the jogging path. Her adrenaline pumped making her legs move faster. Lexa heard Andrew call again he was getting closer. She couldn’t fight him. From one breath to the next Lexa’s body shifted. Suddenly, she was a large chocolate colored wolf. The beast stretched working new muscles. Lexa saw what she did, and smelled what she did. It was amazing. Lexa’s wolf felt her fear too.

I will protect you.’ The wolf assured Lexa. She growled as she ran towards Andrew.

“Do not think poorly of the actions I must take to prevent more bloodshed,”- Nisha

Unlike the Rest is a first-person narrative of Nisha Patel. Like the rest of her people, Nisha is a Venandi, a vampire descended from angles. At an early age, she quickly learns there are a lot of things that set her apart from the others. Nisha has great sway over those around her and it threatens to tear her people apart. Will Nisha learn to harness her potential before it’s too late, or will her whole world crumble around her?

This is a Short Story

An Excerpt From Hunted: Dragons of the South

Lexa was in the kitchen finishing dinner when Hunter came home. She called from the kitchen telling him to have a seat. Hunter tossed his keys on the coffee table and flopped on the sofa. Lexa had been here three weeks, and he was starting to get used to her steady presence. She came out a minute later and handed him a beer. She told him dinner was almost done and sat down next to him.

Lexa snuggled in close filling his nose with her blend of wildflowers and crisp mountain air. She smelled like home. He loved it. He loved her. Hunter couldn’t resist telling her. He whispered it in her ear. Lexa looked up at him and her eyes filled with mischief. She ran to the kitchen. It wasn’t the reaction he expected. Hunter took a long drink worried.

When Lexa returned, she took Hunter’s beer and set it on the side table. Then she put her arms around his neck as she straddled him on the couch. Lexa bent down kissing him. Her tongue explored the recesses of his mouth before withdrawing. Her lips gently tugged on his making him want more.

Lexa took off her tank top. Then she slowly unhooked her bra and let it slide off her shoulders. Taught toffee colored nipples waited to tease Hunter. Lexa rocked her body forward. Her center brushed against his shaft that was already throbbing for her. He could feel her heat through the layers of fabric they wore. Hunter caught her; one hand behind her back the other on her ass and thrust her closer. He took one perfect nipple into his mouth making her moan.

Reaching down Lexa skimmed her hands under Hunter’s shirt. She grabbed the edge and tugged it off of him. It left his perfect chest exposed for her to touch as she pleased. Her nails ran over bare skin raising goosebumps on his arms. Hunter captured her lips with his once more. Then he helped her out of her pants.

Hunter ran his thumb over the button at her center. Lexa moaned appreciatively. Then he let his fingers play in her warm folds.  Lexa’s body crashed into his, and he took her breast in his mouth once more. It wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge tonight. He trailed his fingers down her spine as two fingers dipped inside her. Lexa cried out with her pleasure.

As soon as the wave passed Lexa was unbuttoning Hunter’s jeans. He was more than ready for her. He tried to pull her close once more, but she pushed him away. With a little help, Lexa managed to get his pants off.

Then Lexa went to her knees between Hunter’s legs. Lexa took all of him into her mouth, and Hunter had a hard time restraining himself. She licked down one side of his shaft and up the other before sucking gently on the tip. Hunter’s hand fisted in her hair as she pleasured him. He didn’t want it to end. Although, he’d rather be buried deep inside her and he didn’t want to wait.

Hunter told Lexa what he wanted. She smiled at him once more and straddled him on the couch. Lexa took the lead this time, and Hunter found it intoxicating. She slid him inside. Hunter sighed with appreciation. Then she began to move. How had they not done this before? It was amazing.

Take her, Make her ours’ his dragon whispered. It was ever more insistent every time Hunter was with Lexa. Tonight the dragon was almost overwhelming. ‘She is ours do it,’ Hunter almost couldn’t focus on Lexa and the pleasure she brought. She nipped at his neck timing her thrusts perfectly.

“Mate, say it, Hunter, you’re mine. Do it.” Lexa’s voice brought him out of his euphoria. Hunter’s dragon was smug now. “Say you are my mate.” She ordered.

“Do you love me, Lexa?” Hunter asked between breaths.

She stopped moving, and it was torture. “Of course I do you ass,”

Hunter smiled “I am yours, mate” Lexa moved again, and he felt her magic sweep over him with her orgasm. Hunter was pulled with it.

His magic swept through her at the same time sealing their mating bond. ‘mate’ It was the first time he heard her wolf. That was going to take some getting used to. ‘Again, I want to meet your dragon.’ The wolf demanded. Hunter looked at Lexa a little worried he meant it when he told her his dragon was temperamental. Any time the beast got involved in sex things got rough. He’d only ever let him out with other dragons.

“He would never hurt me, Hunter we are mates,” Lexa assured him. Then her eyes faded to gold, and the wolf was there. “Your dragon is a part of you. Stop fearing what it can do.”

The irony wasn’t lost on Hunter. Lexa had to accept what she was turned into while Hunter was born this way. He’d known his beast his whole life, and there was a part of him who feared letting go. Hunter laid Lexa back on the couch and kissed her one last time before relinquishing control to his dragon.

An Excerpt From Dragons of the North

From Chased

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The next morning Taylor woke in Chase’s bed. She remembered snuggling into Chase’s side and resting her head on his shoulder. Then her eyes started drooping during her show. Chase wrapped an arm around her. He never did anything more though. Aaron’s hand would have been down her shirt or in her pants when really all she wanted was to snuggle. Taylor smiled as she dressed so she could go see Jake.

It was a chilly morning, and Jake was still dozing when Taylor found him in the front pasture. Her saddle was nearby in a pole barn, and she couldn’t resist a quick ride. Briefly, she thought about waking Chase, but surely she’d be alright for an hour. Taylor saddled Jake and headed for the closest trail.

Taylor rode through the woods enjoying the peace and solitude. It gave her time to think. It gave her space from Chase. He was devastatingly handsome and kind and so far a perfect gentleman. But, Aaron started off the same way. He was oh so charming until they slept together and he wiggled his way into her heart so deep that she felt like she couldn’t live without him. Then it started, nothing was ever good enough for Aaron, she wasn’t pretty enough, or smart enough, she didn’t make enough money, her hair was even the wrong color. Aaron didn’t like blondes.

Taylor sighed unsure why she was thinking about this. That was a lie she knew precisely why. She could fall for Chase, hard. He was sexy, competent, smart, funny, and he actually liked horses. So why was she hesitating? Aaron. He’d ruined everything. It took her six months to feel like she was worth anything again she wouldn’t let herself be that vulnerable a second time.

Taylor still wondered what Chase looked like without his clothes on. What it would feel like to run her hands over those muscles on his chest and stomach. Abruptly Taylor was pulled out of her thoughts when Jake refused to move. He stopped dead, and nothing she could do would budge him. Then a bear stepped onto the path ahead of them. Taylor thought of her bear mace safely tucked into her pack back at Chase’s house. She tried to get Jake to turn, but he wouldn’t move. The bear took one aggressive step forward and made a rumbly roar at her.


Chase woke in a good mood the next morning despite the dreams that plagued him the night before. His dragon was determined to speed things along and sent every thought it could in hopes of nudging Chase in that direction. Chase wanted women before, but never like this and his beast never seemed to care one way or the other. It certainly liked its fair share of romps, but this felt like more. After all, he’d nearly challenged Asher.

Chase tiptoed into his room hoping to grab jeans without waking Taylor. The bed was empty. The rest of the house was too. He rushed out the door hoping she was out with her horse. Chase caught her scent and followed it as far as the trail leading into the woods. He cursed and let his dragon slide over him. There were bears in those woods. He hadn’t been on the path for a year, and his scent wouldn’t keep them away. Chase took to the sky frantic to find her before anything happened.

His dragon was silent as it hunted for Taylor. He knew better than to startle a horse that wasn’t used to dragons. Martha wouldn’t care. He could land next to her and breathe a wall of fire before the stubborn mare flinched, but Jake didn’t know him. The trees were thick in this portion of the woods. Luckily, Chase kept the trail clear and there was less cover over it. He caught Taylor’s scent as well, and she wasn’t too far ahead. His dragon was elated to find her so quickly. He skimmed the treetops preparing to release control to Chase when it caught the scent of another predator.

The dragon circled overhead irritated that it could not land. He wanted to torch the forest to get to their mate. The only thing that prevented it was the worry that Jake would throw her or run off with her. Chase argued with his beast longer than he wanted before it finally agreed to relinquish control. The dragon flew as low as it dared and Chase returned to his human form in mid-air.

Chase landed on the trail ahead of Taylor and met the bear head on. It stood on its hind legs growling and rumbling its bear-like roar. Chase growled right back letting his dragon near the surface. The wind was blowing the wrong direction though, and the bear didn’t recognize him as a dragon. They were going to have to do this the hard way. It took a mighty swing with a massive paw, and Chase grabbed it pushing the bear back. It struggled against him until it wrestled a paw free and cut Chase’s side. Chase swung letting his claws out and slashed the bear’s face. Finally, it backed off and left.

Taylor rushed to his side worried about the gash along his ribs. She pulled off her button up shirt and pressed it to his wound hoping to stop the bleeding. “It will stop in a minute. Dragons heal fast. “

“I can’t believe you did that.”

“You were in danger. You shouldn’t have gone without me.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking about bears,” She admitted.

“If you still want to go on a ride, I’ll get Martha, and I’ll take you up to the falls.” Chase tempted.

“Really, you’d do that?”

“It will take most of the day. We’ll need to pack a lunch, and you’ll need a new shirt.” Chase thought out loud.

“Maybe you should get dressed too.” Taylor pointed out that he still wore only his sweatpants from the night before.

When Chase realized she was gone this morning nothing mattered except finding her. “Good point.”

From By Design

Sebastian was making coffee when Brook emerged from the bathroom. She was dressed in her clothes from the day before.  She was clean and surprisingly had on a little makeup. Sebastian was instantly drawn to her. She moved beside him and poured a cup of coffee. It was the first cup of the pot. As a rule, it would irritate him that she wouldn’t wait until it was done, but not with her.

Sebastian’s dragon was awake once more studying her movements. He watched as she moved about his kitchen like she already lived there. She found the sugar in the upper cabinet and stretched to reach it. The effort was futile she was too short. Sebastian would have to change so many things in his apartment and his life for Brook. He would do it happily if she would just stay.


Brook found the sugar and stretched up on her toes for it. It was no use she was too short. Suddenly Sebastian was behind her. He got the sugar down and remained in front of her. He looked down at her and Brook was dumbfounded.

Sebastian stared down at her with emerald green eyes. That wasn’t what took her breath away though, it was the look he gave her. She’d seen that look before. It was plastered on Chase’s face every time he looked at Taylor. How in the hell had she earned that expression from Sebastian in a day? His eyes faded back to moss green as he stepped away cold and distant. Brook knew she definitely didn’t deserve the treatment she received now. Sebastian stopped halfway out of the kitchen and Brook thought he might apologize. He moved on instead shutting the door behind him as he stepped into the bathroom.


Sebastian stepped away and closed off his emotions. He wasn’t getting tied up with this woman. Brook wasn’t moving in. She wasn’t his girlfriend, wasn’t going to be his wife and sure as hell wasn’t his mate. His dragon made him stop. It wasn’t ready to leave Brook yet. Sebastian fought him for control and went into the bathroom. “I’ll take her to breakfast then whatever else she wants today but unless we’re fucking we aren’t staying here,” Sebastian told his dragon.

The dragon growled at him, and Sebastian was taken aback. ‘Show some respect. No matter what you think she is or is not to us, she is still a woman. Don’t be so crude.’ The beast calmed considerably but was still restless. ‘Your compromise is acceptable. I want to watch her, my time to sleep is over.’ The great dragon in him stretched then sat up waiting. It was a little disconcerting for Sebastian to have his beast so present after its long sleep. They usually switched places rather than shared a mind like this. Sebastian took a minute to gather himself before leaving the bathroom.


Brook sat in the car on the way to breakfast wondering what was going on with Sebastian. It wasn’t quite the morning after awkwardness. It was the exact opposite based on how eager he’d been to go again that morning. But, then he was distant when he found her towels. Brook couldn’t figure it out. He switched so fast on her. When he did the same thing in the kitchen Brook was even more confused.

Sebastian said nothing about what happened. He drove in silence as Brook stared out the window. She was beginning to think she was imagining things. Brook chewed a nail absently. Maybe she hadn’t seen that look of devotion plastered on his face. Brook glanced at Sebastian. He smiled slightly. No, she saw it, Brook was sure of it.

Stronger Together (Book 4):

Four months, Lucas could make it four months with Jade in his house. Then she would leave, and he’d have his life back. Brook watched him go, and he knew he’d hear about it from her later. Lucas’ text alert went off. It was Shawna. She was already asking to get together again tonight. Lucas suddenly remembered why he stopped seeing her.


Jade was annoyed all morning. She shouldn’t care what Lucas did. They weren’t dating. Hell, they didn’t even know each other. Her dragon was pissed just the same though. When she woke up last night to the knocking on the wall, her dragon wanted to storm into his room and drag the blonde out by her hair. Jade shook her head. She’d never acted like this with anyone before. Not even Tommy Wu and they were almost engaged.

Jeff one of the other grad students at the lab noticed her mood and asked if she was feeling well. Jade told him she didn’t sleep well and left it at that. Jeff sat down next to her. He was a nice guy. Jeff told her about his family back home, and how much he missed the rain, they had in Seattle.

Jade was still thinking about Lucas. She wanted to be in his arms like that other woman. His hands on her back and in her hair would spread warmth through her. Those sensual lips on hers would be too much to bear. If that happened Jade just might go into his room also. Her thoughts got steamier as Jeff droned on. Then she heard her name. It was Jeff. He wanted to know if she wanted to go out with the other researchers on Friday for drinks.

Jade shook herself trying not to remember the images that were just in her head. That apparently was not going to happen. It was stupid to think about it. Jade turned her attention back to Jeff. Drinks would get her out of the house. She gave Jeff her number so he could send her the address. Jeff waved as he went to lunch.

Jade needed a break too. She had to clear her head if she ever hoped to get any work done today. Flying would clear her head the quickest, but there were rules for that. She sighed and pulled out her phone. She sent Joshua the local Enforcer a message letting him know she would be in the territory tomorrow collecting samples. Jade could only take dragon shape when she was on one of the territories.


Lucas went home late that evening. It was past eight when he tossed his car keys on the table by the door. The TV was on. He could tell by the smell that Jade was eating on the couch again. Whatever she made smelled delicious. He sighed and went to the kitchen. He put his frozen dinner in the microwave before going to change.

Lucas put on sweatpants and a t-shirt. He was annoyed the whole time that he had to wear anything more than his boxers. This was his house. He should be able to walk around in his underwear if he wanted to. Lucas went back to the kitchen and grabbed a beer. His stomach growled. He never ate enough at the hospital. The microwave dinged, and he took his dinner to the couch. He sat down on the other end and ate in silence.

Jade finally looked over at him when he was halfway through eating.  “Sorry I snapped this morning,”

“Sorry I kept you awake. I um… don’t have a lot of time for dating.” Lucas scratched his head. He wasn’t going to date anyone seriously ever again. After Cassandra, there wasn’t any point in dating or looking for a mate. Jade didn’t need to know that though. Even if he felt like sharing his drama with her, there was so much paranormal crap in it that he couldn’t anyway.

“I guess not, working those hours.” Jade conceded. She stared at the TV as he ate. Lucas went to the kitchen and threw away his empty tray. He grabbed an apple and a sleeve of cookies before going back to the living room. Jade raised a brow. “You eat like shit,” Lucas looked down at the cookies as he stuffed one in his mouth. “Sorry, I just thought you’d be a health food nut because… well, you know. Look at you.”

Lucas pulled up his shirt and looked at his abs like he didn’t know what she meant. He grinned and shrugged. “High metabolism, I’m sure it will catch up to me one day.” Lucas’s muscles were better defined than most of the other dragons because he never ate enough. That was a bonus of staying at home with his mother. She at least made sure he was well fed when he got off work. Lucas ate another cookie and finished his beer.

Jade bit her nail. “Some of us from the lab are going out Friday night. You could come if you wanted to. Unless your working or have a date. You probably have a date. Forget it.”

Lucas laughed. “No, I don’t. I’m actually looking for a reason to avoid Shawna. I forgot how clingy she was. I’ll make it a point to get off at a decent time.” He offered his hand. “Friends then?”

“Friends,” Jade agreed. She shook his hand, and the same electric charge ran up his arm. He pretended not to notice.