Novellas and Shorts

A young woman with ancient magic. A destiny she can’t escape. She’ll learn the hard way that magic always has a price.

Vasalisa Fenenko Danilovna is a normal 21 year old college studnet. So far life is better than she planned. Vasalisa has parents who love her, staight A’s and she’s dating the school’s star soccer player. There’s just one little problem. Vasalisa’s a witch who foretold the death of someone she loves.

This does not have a HEA

Magic Always Has a Price is a dark paranormal romance steeped in the legend of Baba Yaga. When Vasalisa is put in an impossible situation she’ll do anything, but at what cost. Set in modern day St. Louis, MO the author paints a realistic view of human emotions and responses to these unfathomable possibilities.

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