Dragon Shifters

Sexy dragon shifters. Gorgeous leading ladies. Turmoil in the North could really heat things up…

These sexy dragons find love when they least expect it and sometimes when they don’t want it.

Enter a fantasy where devastatingly handsome men become dragons at will. Split into four territories, their power struggles put the women they love in danger. It’s the last mistake their enemy will make. A dragon will always protect their mate. After all, when you fall in love with a myth, you’re guaranteed a fairytale ending.

With 4 novellas and 5 sexy dragons in this set, there’s plenty of action and steamy romance. All of the stories have adult themes and are intended for adults. Book 3 is an MFM ménage. Dragons of the North is also a finalist for the Golden Box Books Golden Quill Award.

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Book 1: Chased

Chase Drake is the Enforcer for his Territory. He’s kept the peace for the last three years with relative ease. After a fight with a red dragon renders a human woman unconscious Chase has no choice. He has to take her home to protect her until he’s sure the trespasser is gone. Things aren’t that simple when Chase’s dragon says she’s his mate. Can Chase catch Taylor before she’s gone for good?

Book 2: By Design

Sebastian Hunter is sick of being on the outskirts of dragon society. He’s worked hard his whole life to acquire the wealth needed to live like a proper dragon. Another 30 years or so and he’ll be set for life. Then he can find a nice dragon to settle down with. When Sebastian has a one night stand with Brook, his dragon has other plans in mind. Will Sebastian deny his mate to climb the social ladder?

Book 3: White Hot Ash

Asher Drake is the lead dragon of the Northern Territory. As a young dragon, he was partnered with Hayden North to balance his dragon out. Hayden has always been a steady presence in his life making him an effective leader. Their relationship with the South is deteriorating making Asher’s job harder every day. They both agreed to marry the daughter of the Eastern Territory’s leads in order to seal a peace treaty. With the East and North united the South would back down. But when Sky walks into their life all their careful planning will mean nothing. Will Asher and Hayden risk peace for their mate? Will Sky let them throw it all away?

This is an MFM ménage

Book 4: Stronger Together

Dr. Lucas Meyers gave up on finding a mate. After a bad break up with a witch, he was sure he was destined to be alone. That was fine by him. Lucas threw himself into his work at the hospital instead. When he goes home after a long shift and finds his new roommate Jade he’s forced to re-evaluate a few things. Is Jade really his mate or is she another woman waiting to break his heart?

Hunted: Dragons of the South


A werewolf with amnesia. The enforcer of the Southern Territory. Saving a wolf in distress leads to more than he bargained for…

Hunter Silver was sent to Arizona to clean up the Southern Territory as their new Enforcer. After nearly a year on the job, things are finally falling into place. Life was ideal. That is until a starved female werewolf wanders into his life. Hunter’s dragon says mine before it ever meets Lexa. This has trouble written all over it. Can Hunter save the territory and Lexa or will he be forced to choose?

After waking up in a cage, Lexa Greene runs as far as she can before nearly collapsing from exhaustion. With her memory gone Lexa has no choice but to trust a handsome stranger. Lexa’s wolf wants Hunter before her human half ever realizes what she is. But Lexa can’t start anything until she’s pieced her life back together, or can she? Will Lexa risk it all for a chance at love or will she run again?

Hunted is the first book in the steamy action packed follow up series to Dragons of the North. Its filled with characters you know and more you’ll adore. Hunter and Lexa offer a complex relationship full of heat and compassion. If you missed the first box series you can still start here without missing a beat although I guarantee you’ll want to read the first set after this book.

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An ex-girlfriend full of secrets. The lead dragons of the Southern Territory. A chance meeting could lead to more than any of them dreamed of…

After two years Tess is back in Arizona. Her father and her tribe needs her help. As much as she wanted to stay away, she can’t deny them. Some good came out of it at least. Dean is the local werewolf alpha and her current boyfriend. She was beginning to think he was part of the reason she was suddenly pulled home. Then Tess ran into her in a coffee shop. Tess’ world tilted. Mac the reason Tess left Arizona in the first place. She is every bit as beautiful, and she comes with a delicious partner Paxton. Tess’ neat little world is about to get very complicated. Will Tess walk away again or surrender to her desire?

Mac is the new leader of the dragon’s Southern Territory. So far she and her partner Paxton has had one problem after another. They were thrown in the deep end from the start and are barely treading water. Sorting out the problems on the territory is a huge headache that’s left the pair exhausted. The bigger drain on Mac most days though her is relationship with Paxton and their non-existent sex life. She is at her wit’s end until she sees her ex. Tess, the one that got away. When Paxton meets Tess, he finally shows interest in their love life. He is falling for the wrong woman, and Mac is desperately trying not to do the same. Tess broke Mac’s heart once, now she’s worried the same will happen to Paxton. However, both their beasts are pulling them helplessly towards Tess at every turn.  Can Mac resist her past love? Can she keep her partner from the same heartache she felt or will they both risk it all for love?

Sweet Surrender is the second book in the Dragons of the South series and won’t disappoint when it comes to steamy romance. Mac and Paxton’s tenuous partnership offers plenty of sexual tension as well. This book is a FFM menage with a HEA.

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A female dragon content to be alone. The future lead of the Hopi dragons. Asking the American Dragons for help will change their lives forever…

Makya Rivers is the future lead of the Hopi dragons. Relentlessly hunted for centuries for their land and otherworldly abilities, the tribe’s number of dragons is now dwindling. When he turns to the American Dragons for help and meets Liv, his beast begins behaves strangely. It’s like she has a magnetic pull the dragon can’t resist. The more Makya tries to ignore it, the more restless his beast becomes. Will Makya discover the reason behind his dragon’s behavior before it’s too late, or will his denial cost him everything?

Liv McCloud vowed only to date the strongest dragons. It was what led to her failed relationship with Hunter and why she is alone now. Liv doesn’t mind, though, she is happy to be alone, that is until she meets Makya Rivers. Her dragon knows instantly; he is their mate. Too bad, he doesn’t. Liv’s dragon is sure of it, though, and does everything it can to force them together. Liv is overly cautious, though, worrying about everything that could go wrong. The last thing she wants is to lose her last chance at love.  Will Liv’s patience win out, or will her dragon takeover?

Primal Instinct is the third book in The Dragons of the South Series. It builds a loving relationship between two complicated people. Don’t worry, there is plenty of steamy love scenes and action to round out the story. Warning: There is a scene of gore that may be unpleasant to some.