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Submission Guidelines   At this time I am backlogged and reviews are extremely limited.

I enjoy the following categories and rarely veer from them: Epic Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy and or Romance, Urban Paranormal Fiction, YA mostly in the above categories.  I will read some erotica in the above categories if it has a plot. Modern Romances are on a case by case basis. I will also read sci-fi that isn’t too technical. I do not like strict historical books or romances if it crosses genres into a different category I will consider it.

I also review children’s books for kids ages 4-6 because I have 2 daughters. Up to 1st grade reading level is accepted if children are expected to read on their own.

To submit a request for a book review please send the following information to my email account or through the link below: a brief description of your book including a synopsis i.e. book blurb, the genre, and page, word count or type of book. (is it a short story, novella, novel etc) If your novel is outside of my preferred reading categories but you are sure I would like it tell me why or send an excerpt (no more than 1000 words please)

If I am interested or have questions I will contact you. As of 7/29/17 my list of books I am considering is already growing quickly it may take a while for me to reply.

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