Do you have a story stuck inside you and need to get it out, but don’t have a way with words? Or do you need honest feedback on the book you just finished?

I Can Help

I offer ghost writing and beta reading for all your writing needs. I can also recommend cover designers and editors.

Each service has different packages to fit your needs or you can contact me directly to meet your specific requirements.

I have experience writing college/professional school entrance essays as well as creative writing. I specialize in fantasy, and romance however, I have written sci-fi, horror, and erotica before. I can write in 1st person, 3rd person limited, or 3rd person omniscient. Samples of my work are on my website and here. Please note my blog posts usually aren’t edited.

I have reviewed over a dozen books both on and off my website. My feedback is sometimes hard to hear, but is always honest and well meaning. I want to help all authors succeed and my comments are meant to help you. If I like your book I will tell you. If I don’t I will offer advice to help you. There are reviews on my website for your review.

Please email me at or direct message me on Twitter, FB, or Instagram to arrange services.