It’s Official…

Well it’s official I’m an ultra nerd. This weekend I started the ultimate form of procrastination and completed my transformation from somewhat nerdy to the highest level there was. What is it you ask? What have I done that is so crazy? I started my first RPG. Yep I started the journey to becoming a … More It’s Official…


My point with this long and rambling blog is: that inspiration for settings, whether you are building a new world or placing characters in ours, is right in front of you. If you need a huge waterfall, or a mountain with a lake below it, or even an alien landscape everything you need is just a picture away.  … More Inspiration

Leap of Faith

About a month ago I did something I never thought I’d have the courage to do. I sent my novel For Their Sins into a publisher. So here’s where things get interesting. This past Saturday at well past 1 am I checked my email just before bed and saw an email from said publisher. … More Leap of Faith

Gimme A Break

My point with this rather unusual blog is to remind you that its ok to take a break. Disappearing from social media for a week probably wasn’t my best idea but its what I needed. My head is clear now and the ideas are flowing. … More Gimme A Break